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anou grandi
From pre-elementary to the superior level, the school adopts the programme of the curriculum of the Primary Education in Mauritius for reading, writing and counting.  The programme is adapted to the level of each child. As part of the daily school life, the school provides each child with a hot meal. Most of these children come from very modest families, and it is felt that the provision of a full lunch for every child will not only encourage the families to send their love ones to school but also ensure that the child receives a well balanced meal at least once a day. All the children take their meal together which helps the children to appreciate important values like the importance of having sit-down meal together. At the same time the children are taught basic values such as table manners, the proper handling of eating implements etc.  In addition, the school organizes regular outings for the children. We have end of term parties with the parents and a three days camping at the seaside with the children each year. In addition to the normal educational curriculum, the school offers other skills developments activities in the form of swimming, handicraft, music and sports.

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